Sometimes it may be necessary to fix your currency within Itemize. To change your currency, follow these steps:

For iOS & Android:

  1. Select receipt
  2. Tap on the financial values area
  3. Select the currency currently being used (This will produce a drop down menu to select the correct currency)
  4. Select correct currency
  5. Tap on the green save button
  6. Tap 'Save' located in the upper right hand corner

For Web app:

  1. Select receipt
  2. Select 'Financial Values'
  3. Select the edit icon next to current displayed currency
  4. Use drop down menu to select the correct currency
  5. Once Selected your receipt will be saved automatically (This is indicated once the word 'Saved' is displayed in green above the receipt details page)

If your currency seems to always be reading incorrectly, please insure that your default currency in your settings is set to your home country.

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